Exchange rate determination mcq

This theory rests upon the assumptions of perfect competition and free international trade. D crawling peg system. Such factors include changes in tastes or preferences, productive resources, technology etc. An exchange rate is the:. As regards, the supply of money, it is determined autonomously by the monetary authorities of different countries.

A Macro-Finance Approach to Exchange Rate Determination

The demand and supply theory applied to the inconvertible paper currency cannot measure the optimum or basic value of the currency. High interest rates will lead to:. Accordingly, there will be variations in the market rate of exchange around the normal rate of exchange determined by the purchasing power parity.

Currency Exchange Rates Paper 2

The balance of payments theory of rate of exchange has certain significant merits. D1 part of the demand function DD1 is again horizontal and it corresponds with the lower specie point L.

The Balance of Payments Theory 4.

International Finance multiple-choice questions

Thereafter formal analyses of differences and similarities between the functioning of the alternative systems are considered, reflecting the focus of the profession and the mainstream of research of this period. DD1 and SS1 are the demand and supply curves of foreign exchange.

From this, it follows that the BOP theory of rate of exchange is indeterminate. Secondly, under gold standard, there are specified limits beyond which the fluctuations in the rate of exchange cannot take place. B British investors could possibly benefit from covered interest arbitrage.

Thirdly, apart from the differences in quality and kind of goods there are also differences in the pattern of demand, technology, transport costs, tariff structures, tax policies, extent of state intervention and control and several other factors.

The long term tendency of exchange rate can be stated more appropriately through relative price movements and that underlines the practical importance of this theory.

About Multiple choice questions Choice must have javascript enabled to view this website. In a direct quotation, the foreign currency is the base currency and the domestic currency is the counter currency. Site Forex Log out Send mail as: Example fall in value of Sterling — Jan Sterling exchange rate index, which shows the value of Sterling against a basket of currencies.

Multiple choice questions The correct answer for each question is indicated by a. If, at the same time one ounce of gold could be purchased in France for FF In practice, there is no such precise link between the purchasing power of the currency and the rate of exchange.

In Canada, this exchange rate would comprise a direct quotation of the Canadian dollar. No doubt, there are serious theoretical and practical deficiencies in the PPP theory, yet it is indisputably a highly sensible explanation of rate of exchange in such countries where the price movements have a major impact on the exchange rate.

Previous Year Solved Questions You must have javascript enabled to view this website. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, such as the euro and Commonwealth currencies like the British pound, Australian dollar, and the New Zealand dollar. The equilibrium market rate of exchange between dollar and pound sterling is determined by the intersection of DD1 and SS1 curves at E.

It leads to a shift in the asset portfolio from domestic bonds to home currency and foreign bonds. Monetary policy is powerless under pegged choice rates where we have:.

You must be a registered user to view the premium content in this website. When an economy is very open to foreign trade, the exchange rate, banking competitiveness and the trade with questions become major policy issues.

Secondly, the theory presupposed the free international gold movements. The price variations are likely to have more widespread destabilizing effects compared with the variations in exchange rates. When the demand for and supply of foreign exchange change, the demand and supply curves can undergo shifts as shown by D1 and S1 curves.

A purchasing power parity B perfect capital mobility C fixed exchange rates Questions restrictive fiscal policy 14 Forex high mcq of domestic inflation are often mirrored by high interest rates. Finally, the rate of exchange is affected by the expected rate of inflation in each country.

Even this assumption is not valid as there are frequent changes in the barter terms of trade on account of several factors such as supply of exported goods, demand for foreign goods, external loans etc.

Theories for Determination of Exchange Rate

The price of a tall vanilla latte in Moscow is 2. Given such diverse problems in the construction of price index numbers in two countries, it seems difficult to have a true measure of the purchasing power parity.

Thirdly, this approach holds that domestic and foreign financial assets such as bonds are perfect substitutes.

Theories of Exchange Rate Determination | International Economics

If the rate of exchange is OR 2 which is lower than the equilibrium rate of exchange OR 0, the demand for foreign currency D 2 R 2 exceeds the supply of foreign currency S 2 R 2. The excess demand of foreign currency D 2 S 2 signifies the BOP deficit.

The exchange rate, in the long run, needs to be at the level which a basket of goods costs the same in two currencies. Thus, if a Mickey Mantle rookie card, for instance, costs $50, Canadian and $25, U.S., the exchange rate should be two Canadian dollars for one American dollar.

An exchange rate is the price of a nation’s currency in terms of another currency. It has two components, the domestic currency and a foreign currency, and can be quoted either directly or.

Chapter 18 — Exchange Rate Theories TABLE Standard Deviations of Prices and Exchange Rates1 Country Price Exchange Rate Canada Switzerland 1The table reports the standard deviations of the percentage changes in the consumer price index and the spot exchange rate of each country’s currency against the U.S.

dollar for the period March to March Pegging the exchange rate If the authorities peg the exchange rate at S0: if there is a shift in the demand for FX, the authorities intervene in the FX market and supply cp of FX.

Exchange Rate

Foreign Exchange Rate Determination. Foreign Exchange Rate is the amount of domestic currency that must be paid in order to get a unit of foreign currency. According to Purchasing Power Parity theory, the foreign exchange rate is determined by the relative purchasing powers of the two currencies.

Exchange rate determination mcq
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