Did your personality spectrum profile and competency results surprise you

Learning Styles and Preferences Learning is more satisfactory, for the author, when utilizing several different styles of learning or Learning Styles Essay words - 3 pages on in order to gain a better comprehension of my studies. This paper will focus on the preferred learning styles, strategies, and changes to current learning styles, of the author, after taking the VARK questionnaire.

Learning Styles and Competencies Especially when the instructor give exactly what they want out of you when learning room them, like precise instructions, directions, and they give the tools needed to complete their course.

How To Manage Learning To Account Of Different Learning Styles

This class has opened my eyes to new ways to interact with the learner via technology and I am excited to brainstorm these findings with my team and come up with new interactions to include each type and style of learner. There are many benefits in discovering the different types of ways you learn and deal with everyday issues that you and I are faced with.

Myers-Briggs would make me think the candidate was a bit naive. They teach you to follow standard operating procedures with training and tasks. Bibliography page 12 Appendices Abstract This piece of work has been undertaken to allow the author an honest and in depth appraisal of their own The Understandings of Learning Styles words - 4 pages What is a learning style.

The results are very similar with all three. My career goal is to be well verse with adaptability in my field. Each individual person learns differently. Some may need to have visual materials, while others prefer written, auditory, or kinesthetic and of course there are a number that will be multimodal and will require a combination of learning styles.

The ways people receive information may be divided into three categories, sometimes referred to as Communication and Collaboration for Different Learning Styles and Personality Types words - 3 pages points of views.

Second is applying expertise which I also agree that I am good at. My study habits and competencies match well with my results. Conclusion page 11 9. Each person has preferences in the way that information is learned. The three has an affinity toward each other. I analyze information to find out what it means and how it works.

I think logically and deduce answers by making rational judgments. Review the competency development tips for assistance with improving competencies.

In order to understand what cognitive learning is, we must understand first that there are different syles of learning that take place within the classroom.

Andrea September 20, at 9: This The Understandings of Learning Styles words - 4 pages black and white they have to see it to believe it and eventually try to figure it out on their own. These learning assessments are designed to help students identify their learning strengths or challenges.

How can knowing your abilities and competencies from the My Career Plan help you prepare for professional environments. Also, the strength of each indicator is crucial yet often ignored and actually makes the results mean something to an individual.

The learning styles according to the textbook Other Popular Essays. Review the competency development tips for assistance with improving competencies. Time Management page 5 5. I am open too variety of different things.

Learning Styles Questionnaire page 7 7. I know what my strengths are, and it will benefit me moving forward to prepare me in any professional environment. My personality was musical and interpersonal. A visual learner learns best by visually seeing and reading what they are learning.

These results did not surprise me. How to Write a Summary of an Article. First, I would suggest having a meeting the rest of the team or who is working with me on the work that we have.

I think by best approach is asking questions with students, teachers, and professional who is already working in the field I am studying in. Learning Styles - words words - 11 pages Contents 1.

Myers Briggs I find useful but people who put too much stock in it tend to strike me as a bit…navel gazey. How can you alter your study techniques to take advantage of your particular abilities and competencies as determined by these activities.

I understand problems and can always come up with a solution that everyone Is happy with. My three highest results on the competency spectrum are researching, applying expertise, and logical thinking.

Learning and Competencies After reviewing my results from the personality spectrum profile and competency results I can honestly say the results did not surprise me. The reason it didn’t surprise me because I already knew that I a type of person who needs people surrounding me.

I’m not must of a. Yes, the personality spectrum profile and competency results did surprise me in some ways.

Career Interests Profiler and the Career Plan Building Essay Sample

With my personality spectrum profile I never really thought I was that much of creative/organized type. But I like that I have the right things in mind. You won't acquire all of this information at one time, but as you continue to collect and compile student data, a meaningful and useful learning profile should emerge.

Biological Traits Include child's gender, age, physical development, physical disabilities, health, motor. skill Essays | See the List of Sample Papers For Free - Bla Bla Writing. Did your personality spectrum profile and competency results surprise you? Why or why not? No. The reason why my results didn’t surprise me is, I know that I am a overbearing person who likes to take charge and make things.

Continue Reading. words 2 pages. This free personality test will allow you to obtain your scores on the Big Five personality test, as well as to have your results cross-referenced with findings from social science research.

Find this Pin and more on Music by Mary Kelly. My personality spectrum profile and competency results did surprise me in some areas. In the Adventurer area I felt that I would have scored the highest in that area mainly because I am very competitive at what I do but only scored an

Did your personality spectrum profile and competency results surprise you
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